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[Must Read!] Why You Should Always Have a Plan B

Shit happens, so you should always have a back up plan. Life can be both predictable (if you know how to manage yourself), but there are two sides to everything. You either let life happen, or you make life happen. Let’s go with the latter.

I consider having Plan B developing immunity to random unwanted events. Vaccination for bullshit.

Think about it. Would 7-Eleven be where they are with only only one franchise? Would an airline profit if they only flew one route? or if they only had one plane?

Should a music artist rely solely on one hit-single for the rest of their career?

You should always have a Plan B, whether it is for your career choice, business, hobby or life purpose.

Here are 3 things I think you should have a Plan B for.

1. Diversify your earnings. If you’ve got a day job like most people do, you’ve got a cap on your salary – until that bonus, raise, or promotion comes. Get some freelance gig going and start counting more stacks. For those who’d like to know where to freelance online, check on or

For those like me neck deep into online marketing, we know that besides scaling up on any current project, we should also explore other profitable niches. Whatever you can milk, milk it.

Having all eggs in one basket is silly and self-limiting.

This explains why I have multiple projects running simultaneously. If one doesn’t work out one day, I won’t panic about bringing home the bread. I’ve got other businesses to keep my bank account happy, and healthy.

2. Get a new hobby! Yes, it’s proven that if you have more hobbies, you keep your brain well stimulated – thus keeping you smart. The key is have hobbies which exercise both the left and right side of your brain.

Playing the violin for example, stimulates your right (emotion). Learning a new language (being a linguist) stimulates your left.

The more new activities you passionately engage yourself in, the more neural pathways you create in your brain. You build new mental vocab, ramp up your cognitive dexterity, and you stretch your mind. Mind stretching is nice.

3. Have a Plan B, even for Plan B! In fact, have a Plan C, D, E if you can. The more back up plans you have, the more you’re enriching your life. Yes, it may sound messy at first, but you’ll adjust along the way once you discover methods on streamlining everything.

How come most people don’t have Plan B’s?

They are too lazy to put in the extra work. They think it’s too distracting for their main plan (Plan A). Diversification takes hard work, serious commitment, and adaptation. Those who play their cards right int heir life gets the best payouts. You are all qualified for this payout.

More diversity, more abundance, more unending glory.

If you think there’s too much work involved in diversifying, start hiring! The more brain and hands, the more you can accomplish. More people, more efficient output.

I personally spend 15-30 minutes everyday on recruitment. Just searching for the next suitable talent. This doesn’t mean I’m hiring everyday, I’m just shopping. You will only find when you seek.

Why am I always hiring? Well, if one assistant gets sick, I have another to turn to. I like to know that I’ve always got someone on the bench of equal qualification – just like any professional football team.

Well, it’s up to you now to decide what areas in your life you need a Plan B for! Nothing to lose, only more to gain.


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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  • Posted 4 years ago

    Love the post! Hope we’ll get to meet up soon bro

    by Nicolai on September 27, 2013 12:53 pm | Reply

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