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My Pledge: To Be A Student of Life

My Time on Earth, Is My University

I will, always be a student of life.

To have the capacity and liberty to self-educate is a blessing most of us take for granted. Most of us stopped learning, don’t give a shit, or complain of not having enough time.

Life got in the way? No, you let life get in the way.

I think one of the greatest offense and advantage we have as humans, is the ability to learn, learn, learn.

Crave for self-dev, and it’ll help you develop your business and life, for the better. I believe in this correlation.

Amassing that intellectual capital will strengthen the root to your financial capital

Take a look at my priority list,and you’ll see that I schedule myself to learn something new & practical every day. It’s easy and doesn’t take up as much time as you think. Find ‘that time’ in your busy day to do it.

Notice More

Anything that’s communicable to our senses can be studied.

Most of us have ADD in this digital age. This is when you fail to notice the many things which were intended to be noticed. We’re too busy texting on our phones to notice the interaction or potentially interesting things happening around us.


Treasure All Experiences

Do not discredit any experience, nor wastefully spend your time. Get out there and pack in new experiences. New places, new people, new cultures – even if it’ll be uncomfortable or beyond your lines of interest.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, what social status you’ve acquired. Your surest bet to having a more fulfilling life is to learn. Be thankful and grateful for everyday that comes by – where you get to experience another day of life.


You can always become a better version of yourself. Why stop?

Anything ‘New’ Will Do

Hunt for a new vocabulary and commit it to memory. Say it aloud a couple times. Make a sentence out of it. You probably know this, but I bet you two hotdogs and a Ferarri you aren’t doing it.

When you’re watching a movie, track the camera movement. Imagine yourself as the director, or yourself stepping into the movie now. Try ‘see’ things from a new angle.

Here’s one that never fails: Go to –pick up something new and inspirational. You will. Any tidbit of information from a tedtalk may just change the way you see the world or behave.

My mom once told: Whatever you learn, is yours, forever.

I always tell myself: “You know nothing”. Keep on expanding your knowledge base – learning should never be forgotten. You can only win. Only caveat is to be careful of information overload and learning the wrong things.

You’re the only gatekeeper to your mind.


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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