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Where to Shop For Shoes & Streetwear Clothes In Taipei

Before leaving Taipei, you can always catch me with 2-3 boxes with new oven-fresh kicks inside them. I’m not obsessed with sneakers anymore – but I still buy them. Most people ask me where to shop in Taipei for shoes? Go to Ximen ding 西门町. (Accessible by Metro)

Lots of shoe shops there. You’ll see a lot of ABC-Marts (Japanese retailers)

If you happen to be in Taipei and you’re into shopping on streets dotted with snazzy boutiques, check out Dun Hua South Rd. There’s a metro stop named after it which will get you there.

Take a peek at Hong Kong’s finest streetwear imports at JUICE two story shop. You can also check out UNDERCOVER, Manhattan Portage, Vivienne Westwood, and 5cm within p.roximity

If you need further guidance on where to shop for shoes in my hometown Taipei, hit me up anytime at

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    Streetwear von Strange Fashion für Girls und Boys.

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