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Watch! Paul George - The Best Is Next by Nike

Paul George: The Best Is Next

Here’s a video released by Nike. A super inspirational short ad featuring Paul George . I had to re-share this! not only for the comeback story itself, but for the honorable effort Nike made as a tribute to Paul. I call this brand compassion. Giving respect where it’s due. A lot of giant brands overlook this process.

Takeaway Lesson

Without the setbacks, the comebacks aren’t as sweet.

I love this quote, and it’s true: When you think you’ve hit rock-bottom, things really get any more worse from there. It will only get better – since you’ve got nothing to lose. Within every crisis, there is a benefit in disguise. If we can pull through the thick, we only come out stronger – many times better.

Next time you think you’re going through hell, tell yourself: It’s all good – you’re only getting better.

Did you enjoy The Best Is Next? Let me know what you think.

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