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3 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing

Do Them, And Do Them Again

Living the elusive entrepreneur lifestyle, there’s one recurring question I often get: How did I get to where I am today?

1. Making more mistakes. I’ve made more bad decisions than good ones. It took more bad to reach the good. Poor planning, wrong hires, rash impulsive buys, to over-ambitious moves. Anything that you’d want to avoid, I probably signed up for it once.

I placed my future on this journey during my sophomore year. Had to start from scratch and self-teach as I went. Why? Couldn’t afford a mentor – or, didn’t know why I needed one. I thought I’d eventually find the answers online.

One thing that pushed me move forward was my desire to learn; and not being afraid of making wrong turns. This would include the de-touring things I’d have to endure also.

2. Setting Strict & Near-Unrealistic Deadlines.

Being my own boss, I have to call my own shots, and I have to make sure I don’t shoot my entrepreneur-career dead.

So, I give myself strict deadlines. Since, you know, no one else will be doing it.

This is where my checklist comes in. You probably have one to, and should if you don’t. Checklists give me that crucial nudge I need to move forward.

I make sure I complete 85% of my list before I sleep. Sometimes 100%. Days don’t always pan out as expected, but I try my best. Otherwise, no sleep time for me – unless I’m completely drained.

If you don’t set a deadline, you’ll won’t get shit done.

When you give yourself a tight deadline, you’re then prone to fire up all cylinders to do so. You get in the zone – a very important, and nice place to be in.

A neat question that guides me on what I should be doing is: If it’s not going to make you money, don’t dwell on it.

 3. Re-Planning The Future

This is not a fixed game like soccer is. When our businesses grow, changes will take place. You will face new unforeseen problems. Handling more staff, managing higher operational costs, and trying not un-slave yourself from your business.

To stay in the game, you’ll have to continuously re-plan to adapt. Change will always be a bitch – and you’ll have to get use to it.

Don’t try escape this reality like I did. I thought that once I had a good system running, I can loosen some steam and free my feet from the pedal. No, you can’t lose the momentum.

Always be prepared to re-plan, and course correct as you go.

When you get too comfortable, that’s when you and your biz stops growing.

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