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My Lyrics | These Kids (Remix) | 16 Bars

Finished recording a song just right before Christmas 2014. This was my first collaborative song remix with Encore – a beat-boxer/music artist here in Shanghai, also a good friend. You guys have probably seen him in some of my street fashion photo shoots.

The original track was by Joe Tuer.

Anyways… music coming soon on my SoundCloud as long as he passes me the mixed down copy.

What I’ve got for you now, are the lyrics.

Here’s my written verse for “These Kids” (remix) by Encore.

Music Video also coming soon, once he finishes cutting it up and sewing all the good footages together also.


My verse:

There’s a lie behind the dream
there’s lie behind the dreams
Nothing’s what it really seems
Nothing’s what it really seems
Gotta read between the scripts
But I can’t comprehend shit
All I know is life’s a bitch
Can’t escape this Power trip
Time continuously bleeds
While we feeding the elites
To them weee don’t exist
Then we buried in the streets
Take a hit, that’s my treat
Then I wake up in my sleep
That’s .. where I prefer to be
I feel safest in my dream
Fvck the system in the sheets
Force it down on its knees
Make it swallow kerosene
Let it taste where I’ve been
We the kids yes we the kid
We the reason why you breathe
But we never even lived
If you shoot me plz don’t miss

These Kids (Remix) by Encore ft. Allurre | Coming Soon

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