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Secret to Happiness That Lasts: Finding Holiday In Your Work

 Finding your holiday in what you do, not where you go.

When you’re just “doing” and you get lost in the flow of doing what you love – that’s a moment worth living for.

Some people say I work at the most odd hours, and some say I need to take more breaks. The only break I need is from all that talk.

What they don’t realize: My holidays happen when I work. This is a secret to happiness that will stick for a lifetime.

When I’m developing a product or service which will be of greater good for my intended customer – that’s holiday. I find my high inside my work . When I get in my zone and get shit done, I mean it more than McDonalds when I say I’m Lovin It.

Yes, real work can be tiring yet invigorating at the same time. If it wasn’t challenging, it wouldn’t be fun. As humans, we like to solve things and grow as we do. It feeds on our curiosity which we love to endlessly scratch.

It’s pain and pleasure rolled in one. It’s addictive, and I’m not complaining, so it must be a good sign.

When you love what you’re doing – it beats a 5 day vacay on a remote eye-sweetening city or sun-splashed island. Most are fooled and sold into believing that a real holiday means hitting the Maldives up and keeping the internet at bay. I want to be by my work, and I want my wi-fi.

Yes, I get tired – since we all have physical limitations. That’s why I sleep.

Getting shit done and “just creating” ranks amongst the highest form of personal pleasure.

Other than just consuming data, create. The data and experiences you collect should enrich your life, so you too can enrich the life of others.

If this isn’t how you feel, then you haven’t found what you’re really into yet.What will you live and die by?

When you wonder where all those hours have gone after work, and you silently tell yourself: “It was worth it”, that’s when you’ve hit jackpot.

The secret to happiness that lasts, is knowing how to spend your time wisely when you’re still alive on this earth – making every moment count.

My holiday is my work, is your work your holiday?


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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