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The Quick Shortlist | How To Live An Exciting Life

How To Live An Exciting Life – The Easy Way
You know it, I know it.
Life has it’s ups and downs. In between, we have the boring days.
It’s that plateau which often taints your mood with gray slabbed walls and a looming charcoal cloud.
That however, that wall and cloud can be avoided.
Here’s a quick shortlist of things you can do that will vaccinate you from boring axx days, and keep life exciting. Start with your brain.
1. Learn & earn everyday. Or, just learn something new when you’re not learning anything new.
Stimulating or training your brain is always a rewarding experience, especially when you’re really into the thing you’re learning.
2. Discover 1-2 new songs. You probably do it already, or you haven’t done so in a while. Get back into listening to a new artist, a new genre, a new song.
3. Harvest new vocabularies. You can’t master every word, but you can try.
4. New facts. Similar to the previous. It doesn’t hurt, and it only makes you a bit smarter. A great plce to start is Quora. It’s teeming with tons of new community-based discussions “that aren’t boring” daily.
Don’t you want to be slightly smarter than you were yesterday?
5. Notice more. My all-time favorite, because it’s effortless and you just have to be more attentive to what’s around you – or what you think isn’t around you. Study the packaging of your coffee.
Those spam ads that arrive in your mailbox? Check out their design (you may as well study them before throwing them away. It’s free to-do also.)
Comb and own any of the 5 things above, and you will live an exciting life – whenever you want to. It’s about constant exploration.  You’ll add more weight to your knowledge base, and you’ll be proud of yourself.
CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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