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Quick Read! 5 of My Personal Beliefs | Andrew Wang (Allurre)

5 Beliefs

1. It’s never too late to begin something. What’s most important is getting to it, and seeing it through. Want to run your own small biz? start now. Plan, do, execute, commit, repeat.

2. Don’t expect everyday to be a million dollar day, but you can at least try make everyday one!

3. Don’t carry a bitter/sour/shitty attitude ever.
It helps no one especially you.

4. There are things in life you’ll never have control over, but how you choose to react to them, is all in your hands and decision.

5. Collect all experiences –
the good, boring & the bad; Just don’t waste time and dwell on things that don’t help you grow.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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