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How Playing Any Sport Will Help You Grow Rapidly

How Playing any Sports Will Fast Track Your Growth

I know: As we all get older, we have less time on the clock for sports. Some watch it through TV. Some gamble on it. Some just dive into their bookmarked websites or newspaper for the latest scorelines and highlights after the game.

For those that know me, I’m a big fan of soccer and basketball.


Because being actively involved in sports comes with a whole bag of benefits.

That’s why I’m all for it.

1. Physiological love. You’re giving your entire body a serious workout. I’m not a doctor, but my general physician told me to at least get 45 minutes of cardio work out per day. This keeps you in tip-top form — and why wouldn’t you want this for yourself?

To be in shape obviously outshines being a fatty.

2. Honing your competitive spirit. Playing any sport gives you the chance to fight for victory. To battle, to live. To stay on.This competitive spirit overlaps in effect to my work ethic. and life. It’s directly proportional. It’s a good overlap.

The more I participate actively in any social sport, the better my business performance & life.

3. Feels fvcking good. Especially when you win a competitive game. Thanks to the adrenaline rush and guaranteed dopamine explosion,  you actually do feel much better with yourself after a good sporting workout.

4. You come out only stronger. There’s no loss. The time and energy you put in spews back a positive return on investment.

Through sports, you’re forced into moments where you need to make snap-decisions; this helps you think on your feet and improves your left-brain. When playing soccer, I’m forced to flex my creative muscle, pimp my team working skills, think strategically. Your physical coordination surely earns some stripe too.

Although I come out a game tired, I come out stronger after a game.

Get Back Into Sports – Make Time For It!

Find 1-2 days of the week where you detach from your everyday work drudgery. Pick a sport and let it be your escape. It’s a chance to be on the edge and feel good about yourself!

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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