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I’ll be hosting a bi-weekly contest giveaway! All sorts of streetwear collectibles will be up for grabs.
Also, all prizes will be delivered for with shipping expenses covered! How do you qualify for this contest? Find Out Inside!

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Whooaaa! Stumbled across some photos while I was freeing up some storage space from my drive.

This was me 2007! Wow! 7 Years ago! hahaha – somehow it feels virtually like 7 weeks only. Those were the days when SB Dunks were all the craze, and fitted hats were just the only option for headpieces! Feeling super nostalgic just typing this up.

Featured herein are two pieces from my streetwear collection (the early days)!) LTL “Livin That Luxury” Season 1 & 2 design. The left: “Biz Savvy” tee, “Sky High” Tee. Both are officially sold out! great times!

Shout outs to Mamacup who helped assist in the design process.

Lots of enriching lessons have been learned. Lots of mountains have been climbed. There are still more to go, and this journey never ends.

Anyways, a major thanks to all the supporters and fans of LUXLIVIN since it’s inception. Another new chapter is about to unfold – and I will keep you all posted here plus Facebook, instagram.

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Watch! Rendezvous | Sound Motion Video | Allurre Wang aka KALEIDEZ

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