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New Street Fashion Photography! Liydmila x Boy London x SSUR Clothing

Latest Street Snaps / Street fashion photography I’ve wrapped up! We actually completed two sets within 1.30 hrs!

Liydmila with many years of modeling under her belt had more poses than a page’s html code. This of course, made the shoot so much more swift and sweet. We also managed to produce a videography on-the-go. It was literally one and a half hours of no breaks and just ongoing action.

Slightly tiring midway through as I barely clocked in any sleep the night before, but it was mad productive neverhtless.

This will also be featured inside the columns of – head on over if you still haven’t see my new online street fashion magazine in the works! Currently hiring too – just send your CV and state how you’d like to contribute to the team!

Hope ya’ll enjoy.

Part 2 will be coming soon.

Location: Shanghai, somewhere near Nanjing Dong Rd.
Model: Liydmila
Clothing Feature: Boy London Clothing Crest Tee, SSUR Channel Zero Snapback

If you’re in Shanghai and would like to work on a shoot together, let me know!

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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