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"New Ascent" Street Fashion Photography - Shanghai

“New Ascent” Street Fashion Photography – Shanghai

Clothing Featured: Supreme Baseball Velour Shirt, Nudie Denim Jeans, Air Jordan Future Glow, Stereo Vinyl Paisley Snapback Hat, Cazal Shades, G-Shock W6900 Watch

Location: Duo Lun Lu, SH

The Concept

The theme of this shoot is based on a constant reminder I set for myself everyday: To keep on ascending. There’s a new me emerging forth, everyday; and for everyday that’s new, there are new opportunities. New money, new heights to reach for.

To Achieve more. To Learn more. To continue seeing the many parallels and offers life has to offer.

Spread those wings and will of yours. Take off. Take yourself to a new place.

It’s been quite a long minute since my last personal street snap. Was a ton of fun. Photography services brought to you by –


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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