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Man's New Best Friend? Not a Dog, A Hedgehog

Man’s New Best Friend

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, now I’m contesting that statement.

Meet my new best friend: Peanut. I bought him on impulse. The little guy was chilling with his comrades at a nearby night bazaar (Bangkok) – and I knew I had to rescue him. From the concrete jungle, into my crib. My family thought I went crazy.

I’ve always had a poor track record with raising house pets, but I won’t fail Peanut. He’ll get the kind of care a photographer gives to his lens.Hedgehog vs. Dog

For those of you who are fascinated by wildlife critters, try owning a hedgehog (if your state law permits, and if you can find one). Just like a dog, they can be low maintenance, potty-trained, and will respond to you when you call for it’s name. I called Peanut twice while he was sleeping and he woke up to my voice. Ok, maybe that’s just waking him up.

As I write this, Peanut’s officially 3 months old and is now being trained to play soccer. I placed a little ball inside his container-based home to hone his athletic side.

He’s now working hard on dribbling and corner kicks; getting the fundamentals down. I see potential in him for the Hedgehog Olympics already — yes, they exist.

The above photos were also my first attempt at still animal photography. What do you guys think?

The little guy was a natural born model making the shoot easy by playing still 80% of the time.

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