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There's Magic Within Your Big City - Here's How To Find It

There’s Magic Everywhere

If you live in the big city, you’re spoiled. I’m writing this post to address the complaints I often hear from people about how they ‘hate the city’. Here are some reasons.

You’ll Never be Bored.

You got the best tech-developments, internationally renown goods, restaurants and bars designed by top architects, and access to state-of-the-art public entertainment facilities,.

You get all that good stuff, which most citizens living in underdeveloped cities could only hope for. Shit, some can’t even hope – as they have no awareness of it.

Appreciate The People

You’ve got the people. A rich density of all types. There’s an exciting melting pot of culture and ethnicity, all right in front of you. Some of the world’s top talents are here to enrich the living quality. You should be inspired by their works, instead of envying their positions.

Forgive the City Sins

No one is perfect, and no city will be. Yes, there are downsides to living in the city: Traffic congestion, deteriorating air quality, corruption, increasing living expenses. That’s the price you pay to be in a modern world.

It’s harder to survive and shine here, but that may just be the motivation you need. One of the big city life advantages is the incentive to improve yourself – otherwise you won’t make it there. When you spend your time working on self-growth, that’s always a win-win.

Get out there.

Expose yourself to different parts of your city. There’s magic everywhere. Try taking your nearest local bus all the way to it’s terminal stop. You’ll see places you’ve never seen. Check out the local art galleries – support your local artist. Take a stroll down a college campus – even if you didn’t go there.

There’s a reason why I love walking in the city: It keeps me ‘in touch’ with it. When you’re traveling by feet, you won’t have to ‘keep your eyes on the road’. This frees you up for the opportunity to ‘explore’, such as people watching.


The Magic’s in the Details

When you’re at the coffee shop, study the shop’s interior design. Where are the lights? Why are they there? How are the menu boards designed? What materials are sourced for the cups? How are the ads placed?

There’s a lot happening – we’re just too busy living inside of our heads to notice what’s in front of you.

Not many people in this world have the privilege to enjoy the big city life. Imagine the less fortunate ones raised in the rural areas, or forced to remain in the countryside. They’d yearn to get a piece of what you’re experiencing.

Next time you go out, show some love for your city.


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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