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Get Your Hands Dirty - Tap Into Your Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential is Nothing If Untapped

I believe that our mind’s are really that brilliant. We’re never actively conscious of this – since we our school, society or friends rarely tell us we are. Worse, most of us don’t know how we can maximize our mind’s ability. There’s a whole lot of incredible things we can make it do, but we don’t know what commands to give it.

What you think you are actually capable of, is FAR from what you’re REALLY capable of.

Most humans use only 20% of their brain power – even less in fact. Afterall, you can’t uncover your hidden talents if you don’t look for them. Most are blind to their options since they don’t spend enough time exploring and enhancing themselves.

We don’t experiment in new things; because, we, hate, change. And, we think we don’t have time.

Do What You Never Thought you’d Do

Instead of doing what everyone’s doing to ‘make themselves feel better’: Going to the gym, eating better, try do something that’s totally unexpected of yourself.

For e.g, I ventured into programming – something I never thought I’d be interested. I grew up wanting to make music, not scripts. However, I still gave programming (Python) a shot, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it. I’m not good at it, but I’m improving bit by bit daily.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Most delude themselves into thinking they have great potential, but they don’t do much beyond that. Just knowing and ‘living inside your head’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. Quit holding on to that fact as a crutch for your ego.

Tap into your potential, and experiment today. Get in the trenches and get your hands dirty.


CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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