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How To Get More Done | Push & Prevail Method

Get More Done | Keep Pushing – It’s Fun

No, not the one you conduct with your partner on your bed sheet.

The one where you use your willpower and unflinching determination to grind things out; regardless of the pain and hear-tearing days you’ll have to go through.

If you push just hard enough – you may just tip the odds in your favor on the next try.

However, make sure you do your homework.

A lot of serious dedication and research work goes behind this “push”.

The problem: Most budding entrepreneurs slave around the clock. They exchange sleep for work. They refuse to relax, because they feel like it’s a “waste of time”.

You’ve heard this before: “You can sleep all you want when you’re dead?” Well, you won’t be reaping the benefits of your successful business when you’ve “finally made it” in your grave either.

Maybe your kids will or their kids will.

Anyways, let’s get down to it. Here’s how I’ve been grinding things out lately, on an even higher productive note whilst exerting lesser effort.

1. Go For Small Bites

Since greed is ingrained in all of us – we try to get more done, or take more in when we “think we can”. Don’t bite more than you can chew.

One of the best ways to avoid burn-out from greeting itself is to stop trying to multitask, or even juggle multiple roles. It’ll rape you mentally and physically.

I used to have a habit of doing 3-4 things at once. When I first started building my business, I thought I was getting more done; but in hindsight, it was only hurting my work quality and giving oxygen to my attention deficit disorder lungs.

2. Take a Break

You will always reach a point where your body tells you to stop. Respect it’s decision.

Sounds counterproductive again, but taking a break actually fuels your productivity. Sometimes you get more done by “not doing” at all. After a decent break, you’ll come back energized with more ideas and willpower.

Hot fact: Everyone experiences an inherent natural lull in productivity after 90-120 of exertion. This is scientifically known as the “Ultradium rhythym” – instead of trying to push on forward and suffering mental unrest, take a break as your ultradium is in effect.

The more you burn yourself out, the more counter-productive you’re going to be anyways.

This happens to everyone – so go ahead and do something different. It’s ok to have a writer’s block or uncreative streak. Get up, walk around your block, shower, chill, go shopping – do anything that’s not work related.

Start taking more rests. Your body needs it, and so does your brain.

After all, isn’t your ultimate goal to acquire more freedom as you get older? Why not enjoy, enjoy the own breaks you owned as you go? Enjoy the journey while you’re at it. Don’t stress yourself through it.

3. Push, Because It’s What You Do

There may be times where you’re demotivated; or you’re stuck in a rut.

Continue pushing anyways. Do it out of habit. This is a habit that can be gained but has to be loved and re-trained.

Sometimes I just don’t give a fvck about blogging. By forcing myself into my seat and placing my fingers on the keyboard, my inner-blogger follows through. Your mind will follow your body.

Beat the resistance. Push through the rough & tough hours. It only makes you stronger. You’re cultivating your immunity to pressure and pain. The recurring mental suffer you experience is only strengthening you.

Pain is only weakness leaving the body.

Be glad it’s leaving the body. You want it to. It will only be easier next time when you’re facing the same challenge.

Eventually, it will pay off. Probability of this is stupidly high.

If everything seems too “comfortable” right now, there’s something wrong. A bit of uneasiness is “healthy pressure” to challenge you.

Remember: When you least want to do it – tell yourself: It’s all good, and it’ll pay off. And if you’re too tired, go to sleep. Nap. Rest. You deserve it.

Push forward smartly, and you will prevail.

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