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How To Cure Your Sneaker Addiction - It's Easy

How To Cure Your Sneaker Addiction

Scratching your head lately on how to cure your sneaker addiction?

I’ve prepared your medication.

My story, in short: I finally buried my sneaker-copping obsession. That’s now my past – and it remains there untouched. When I see a pair of juicy, well-designed sneakers, I acknowledge it; but I don’t burn a penny.

How do you confirm that you are one? If the following three points apply to you, you’re a member of the sneakerholic club.

1. You’ve spent over $2000.00 on sneakers during the past 6 months.

2. You own over 20 pair of shoes.

3. You barely wear any of them.

One more: You think it’s ok to spend $500.00 on a pair of shoes.

It’s time to cure your sneaker addiction and bury it 6-shoe boxes deep.

My end to shoe-shopping sprees ended on that fateful Summer 2015 in Taipei. I realized that most of the shoes I owned were neglected like your neighborhood bum.

Destroy The Root of Your Addiction

What’s the root cause?

I could only come up with two reasons for my case.

1. Growing up in my adolescent years, I’ve been repeatedly lured into the over-hyped sneaker scene. Sneakers to me were like ice cream to a fat kid on a hot day.

2. The lack of sneakers during my childhood. My parents never spoiled me with sneakers you’d look twice at. Anything branded with Nike or Adidas was out of the question. Any pair with a price tag over $50 was absurd. The contents on my shoe rack were anticlimactic to nice. So, I had to fill in this gaping material hole when I started making my own money.

So what’s the quick cure to your sneaker obsession?

Here’s what I did.

1. Cheat on it. The underlying reason why we buy new pair of shoes is the emotional value we get. The short high of owning something nice.

Replace this emotional value channel by focusing on another prized obsession that’s less costly and non-material. Get into photography perhaps? Do something that will take up a significant amount of your time.

2. Realize that shoes are not assets. They will rarely appreciate in value overtime; and if they do, only a few will. But, you’re not really in the reselling business are you? So, stop burning money.

3. Be practical. The only amount of shoes you really need, is the average amount that you have in rotation. If you’re good with 3 pairs which fulfills your current lifestyle, then 3 is the magic number. Remember: If you’re not going to wear all the shoes you buy, it’ll only end up clogging your estate and choking on dust.

Cure your sneaker addiction by being aware that…

there’s a whole lot more fun to life than just building that mountain of shoe collection.

Invest all that hard-earned money elsewhere, especially where it’ll bring you more financial returns.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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