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Quick Tip: How to Create Graphic Designs That Converts

Designs that Make Em’ Buy

Above are simple illustrations I recently did for SWA.

When it comes to designing any creative digital ad, I always make sure it’ll create a response. What kind of response? one that bumps up the buying temperature from the viewer.

After all, our ultimate goal as a designer should be on the same page as our client’s: to help generate more sales.

Where to Start

Here’s my personal workflow:

Start with the client, and you’ll know what messages you need to build your design around.


Step 1: Get inside the client’s head.

Why do they buy art?
Why makes them buy art?

Step 2: Design the connectors.

Kept it neat and simple for this one. Why? to kill distractions. The key is for users to take action, without being overtly pushy.

Planning took 10 minutes. The entire design process, 30.

As I had a clear idea of what would make a buyer buy, the entire design process required less time, whereas some may take days to finalize. The illustrations above took less than an hour for completion.

You may think the graphics above look simple – but simple does it. As long as it converts (and not confuse), that’s all that matters. Fanning the viewer’s inner fire to buy is what we’re designing for.

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