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Hello Europe - Why I Travel

Hello Europe

Countries visited: Germany, France, Switzerland

If you noticed the slightly reddish complexion on my face on the first image above, that’s because I had a few drinks. My sister took that shot. We were somewhere on a river in Switzerland.

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It’s been two weeks since returning from my sunshine splashing mini Euro tour — well not exactly, just a three-country tour. As expected, plenty of breathtaking backdrops for photos, lots of pristine-sheen water, good air quality, and vintage looking Euro-heritage buildings and houses.

I believe in traveling; for growth and to gain new perspective. There’s a lot to learn by opening your eyes to the world – as the world will open your eyes.

I also clocked in a few nights in Taipei to say Hi to my relatives, along with some routine purchase of new kicks to satiate my sneaker obsession.

Most dedicated travel bloggers would usually document how their day went on in detail, but, I’m not a travel blogger. By the end of each night, I was just too exhausted from exploring. My inner blogger had to sleep.

Whenever time and budget permits, I’ll be planning more trips.

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