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Get More Productive! Take My IIIA Method

Get More Productive! Take My IIIA Method

A lot of you guys wonder how I’m capable of handling so many projects running at one time.

I’m not.

It’s not a one man show.

As your business and portfolio grows, so does the size of your crew.

80% of the credit goes to the team I’ve built over the past few years, nurtured, and have to manage daily. There will always be a line of of work to delegate, review, tweak, organize, and distribute. The cycle doesn’t stop.

It can be mad hair pulling at times – but it’s got to be done. This is business.

Amidst all the delegated tasks, I do employ a particular mental hack which has served me well personally.

I call it the IIIA Method.


Immediate: This forces me to act right away without delay.

For e.g, If an amazing idea springs to mind (a potential project idea or domain name, I record it down or register it immediately. It does not go my to-do list. I don’t wait. There’s no time to wait.

Delaying only gets your tasks “lost in the shuffle”, amongst the mountain pile of things you already have to do.

Intensive: If the work carries a lot of importance, I go all in. That’s a secret recipe to really get more productive.

Giving it your all.

I stop doing everything else and make sure there are no distractions.

It’s all in until I get that one thing sorted out.

Intellectual: Be smart with how you’re working. Are you sure you’re the right person to do it? Can it be outsourced? Do you need to consult someone?

Are you sure you’re doing it correctly? Have you conducted adequate research?

Sometimes, it helps to slow down and also question yourself.

Action: Simply doing, not over-thinking.

Being intellectual with your approach also means mastering the workflow.

Sometimes you need to work on something bit by bit. Think systematically.

You need to be realistic with the deadlines and time frame you set for yourself.

For e.g, when making music, I always record multiple takes on different hours.  I don’t do it all in one sitting. I do it when I feel energized and fired up. This usually yields a far better result. Better sounds, better performance, better turnout.

When I can’t get a particular “Sound”or song complete, I sit back and let my subconscious figure out how to improve things. You can do the same for what you’re working on.

Hit a block? Stuck? Take a break and return later.

It’s always better and potentially easier when you return later.

Don’t rush yourself – it only creates more unneeded pressure. Just like writing. Most people dread writing because they don’t know how to make writing easy.

It’s actually a very therapeutic and enjoyable process.

What do I do?

Again: Bit by bit! That’s another key ingredient to help you get more productive.

I let all my ideas and thoughts leak onto the notepad first. Forget the spelling or grammatical errors. Get all ideas and thoughts onto paper, then re-write, re-writer, and re-writer again if you need to.  Focus on “really making it good” after you have your foundations and framework down.

You can’t get to the “final touches” if you have no point to touch on.

Bit By Bit Equals Higher Productivity

With my writing analogy, 99% of your time will be spent on “Draft” mode. You will have to revisit your drafts.

Don’t be in a hurry to “Publish” or “Finish your work”.

Enjoy and embrace the “Drafting” mode.

Thank you for checking out my IIIA method. Let me know how it works out for you!

To help you get more productive only leads to a higher quality of life experience – so I’m all for it.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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