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Daily Routines & Habits of a Digital Entrepreneur

The Schedule

We’ll begin at ‘getting out of bed’.

1. I wake up around 9.00 everyday.

Most hungry & driven entrepreneurs probably wake up earlier. Anything before 9.00 am is usually no worky. Sounds pathetic? Yes. I’m usually in the worst mood the first few minutes as I crawl of bed.  This is when we should not have a conversation.

Note: I’m probably the most well-tempered, least anger-prone guy you’ll meet though.

Next stop: A 5-minute quick hot shower. This is where I plan my day – if it doesn’t have any plan.

2. Get dressed and head out for breakfast. I’m an advocate for a good breakfast. It’s fuel for work ahead. Quality food intake will also lead to quality performance.

After I fill my stomach up, I pay my second home (Starbucks) a visit. Gotta get that caffeine in my system. I’m a coffee fiend and I know Starbucks loves doing business with me.

What do I usually order? A medium hot brewed coffee of the day. Pure beans, no frills.

3. Tackle Priority Work

Once the caffeine hits, this is when I really wake up and get ready to work. Anything before the coffee is just pretend-to-work.

It usually takes around 30-minute before the beans work it’s magic.

What’s Priority Work? Things that push the busines forward. This is when I produce content, management team, or plan.

4. Keep in touch with my team.

Most people think I’m a one-man-show. No. I’ve got a well-trained team who I’m very grateful for. A good 15-20 minutes (or more) is spent to make sure everything’s moving accordingly. Here’s when I review their daily work, assess their performance, re-train where need be, and just check-in so they don’t forget me.

5. Hello Email.

Time to tackle the stacks of e-mails and take care of customers. No, I don’t have a VA reply mails which are addressed to me. It’d be sometime in the afternoon when doing email errands. It’s always better to know I got some quality work done before.

4. Project Development.

This involves juicing up my sites with new content. These babies aren’t going to produce themselves.

5. Lunch & Go For A Walk. 

After lunch, I take a 30-minute break (gotta take breaks!) and walk aimlessly on my block as the food is being digest. I love walking. It’s mind therapy. It’s always a pleasure just “seeing life outside of yours” on the streets.

6. Marketing.

Time to talk numbers. This is can either be the most fun or boring part of the day. In brief, marketing activities include: Social marketing, link outreach, ok, I’ll spare you the details.

7. Discovering new shit; Self-Schooling.

I believe research would be a more appropriate term. I love trend checking on my industry. And, since I pledged myself a student of life, I’ve become addicted to learning. 

As a designer and digital marketer, I keep a hawk’s eye on the latest fashion and I.T Trends. This could eat up a huge chunk of the day if I’m not careful. So, thanks to Focus Booster App, I’m reminded that I only have 15 minutes.

6. Go For a Walk, Again.

To ensure keep my eyes happy, I don’t allow myself to be in front of the screen for more than 3 hours.

7. Dinner. Get myself fed. One of my favorite time of the day. Dinner alone is never fancy for me.  A bunch of greens, adequate protein and I’m done.

Well, that pretty sums up my day.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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