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DAFF Fall 2014 | Shanghai | "Air" Art by Andrew Wang

Design, Art, Fashion & Fair | DAFF Fall 2014 | Shanghai



My latest designs for the first-week theme to kickstart into DAFF Fall 2014 is “AIR”.

As it’s all open to interpretation, air to me is often understated. It isn’t just an invisibly mixed layer of oxygen, nitrogen or gas.

Air embodies the the story & context in the atmosphere.

I’ve created 6 positivity-charged illustrations which I hope gives the viewer a sense of “creating”. Afterall, you are most productive and bound to create when you’re feeling good.

The people shapes the atmosphere, and the atmosphere can shape you.

Here’s just a short list of all essential “air” types we should contribute to our atmosphere

Air of Cool
Air of Freedom
Air Of Joy
Air of LIFE
Air Of Progress
Air of Wisdom
Air of Wonder
Air of Nostalgia

If it’s not in the air, bring it to the air.

For more information DAFF Fall 2014, check out their TICT.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach

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