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Streetwear Photography for OCC Brand. Operation ChiinChilla. Photo by Andrew Wang. Model: Alina

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Latest food photography I did for Mayita, an upscale Mexican Restaurant in Shanghai.

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Peep! My latest Shanghai Street Fashion Photography. Featuring DOPEC. Shanghai Music Artist/Dancer/Boxer. | LUXLIVIN

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The theme of this shoot stems from a rather unoriginal but essential goal I set for myself daily: To keep on ascending.

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Something you may have never thought of existing all around you. Energy & it’s frequency. Every energy level carries a color, shade, weight, luminosity and size. What do they look like? Come experience inside.

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BlueCrack Series

It’s summer. It’s only right that we whip out the cameras to capture some that natural light as the sun generously splashes it’s rays.

How’d I come up this name?

For one, blue is associated with consistency and depth. It also symbolizes truth, intelligence and faith. It’s um, quite a positive color – so I like it.

This is what I’m aiming for this year – to grow my business and self more consistently.

To move forward consistently while adding more depth to both areas.

To have more character, compassion; to co-ordinate a “better me” in the future to come.

Multiply all of the above 10 times, and you get BlueCrack.

BlueCrack.  Color is your drug.

I think this is something we should all be working on : Yourself.

Eat well (Paleo Diet?). Sleep well (Get 7-8 hours!).

Take care of your body. Take care of your brain.

Do it while you still can, no matter how painful, boring, or seemingly endless the journey is.

You have nothing to lose and you always deserve better for yourself.

Hope you guys are making the best of Summer 2014! Travel, explore, meet new people!

Featuring Streetwear Items: HBA (Hood by Air) crewneck sweater, Hater Snapback and Agnes B Sweatpants.

This BlueCrack shoot will also be embedded as part of our Street Voyage street snaps campaign.

Shanghai Street Fashion | Shanghai Streetwear Scene | Streetwear Photography China


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Photography x Liydmila! Latest Street Snaps / Street fashion photography I’ve wrapped up! We actually completed two sets within 1.30 hrs!

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Check out some of my latest street fashion photography shot in Shanghai, Xin Tian Di (XTD). These street snaps are also featured on

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As part of the “Time Honored” digital lookbook collection, I’ve decided to feature BOOMTHO Clothing – a U.S Cali-based Streetwear brand by Rod Benson as part of the collection. Rod Benson currently plays for Wonju Dongbu Promy, one of Korea’s professional basketball teams.

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Here’s a recent Train Track photography shoot which I did with Vvienna (Singer) by the railroads. Initially, we just wanted to scan the scene and see how viable it was for a fashion shoot for a local brand; but it turned into a quick shoot instead.

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