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This was a photo of me taken during 2013 on a trip to Shanghai’s Movie Town. Saw a few trucks, decided to take a few snaps since I was dressed like a “driver”, and this is how it turned out.

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Interactive Photoblog Flipbook | Burning Man | Shagnhai

Flipbook Name: One Friday

Project: BurningMan

Welcome to my head. Yes, you will soon be tuning into the voices inside my head. And, you’re currently hearing all this, inside your head. I hope that didn’t trip you out.

It’s been a while since I last produced a semi-innovative piece of digital artwork. Last project was for Spring/Summer 2014 DAFF in Shanghai.

I also received an invitation to participate in Burning Man Decompression – Shanghai.

I call it the Interactive Photoblog Flipbook (IPF)

Check out the flipbook

Introduction: Well, the title says it all. This is my interactive photoblog flipbook. Call it photo-talk. Pictures with voices – how cool is that. Sarcasm aside, it’s somewhere between a still photography, and video.

What do you think of my IPF? let me know at:

Big thank you to the team at Burning Man Shanghai for having me.

What did I use?

Camera: Sony RX100II (Which I loss during that week in a cab) + iPhone5 + Adobe Audition

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A night where I danced until I couldn’t dance anymore! Unbelievable.

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7 Random series of events that I happen to have encountered – and thought you’d like to read about.

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Stumped on what to eat in Shanghai? Here’s something you ought to fill your stomach up with when you’re in Shanghai.

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Before leaving Taipei, you can always catch me with 2-3 boxes of new oven-fresh shoes inside them. I’m not obsessed with sneakers anymore, just a relaxed shoes aficionado. Most people ask me where to shop in Taipei for shoes? Go to ABC-Mart !

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It’s been two weeks since I said my Hello’s and my Goodbyes to Europe. Only recently did I have the time to upload all the photos I took and write up this overdue entry.

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It’s been almost two weeks since returning from my sunshine splashing Europe Trip, including several days stay in Taipei (to visit my relatives and carry out the routine sneaker-grabbing sessions).

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