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Why am I moving & merging?

I don’t have the mental bandwidth, time and energy to juggle multiple websites. This leads to a dilution of efficiency and efforts.

Over the course of next few months, I’ll be merging all the blog posts, images, and videos to

Stay tuned.

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Top Picks for 2015

Here’s a round-up of my favorite top 5 videos filmed in Shanghai during the last quarter of 2015. Hope ya’ll enjoy and do let me know which one you liked most.

More portfolio works can be viewed at my portfolio here.

Brahmamark Bakery & Cafe

Taiwanese-owned cafe and bakery, soon to be expanding to multiple locations in Shanghai.

Mayita Mexican Restaurant

Most-awarded Mexican restaurant in Shanghai – sister to Maya. An upbeat/fun promotional restaurant trailer which will be displayed on their new website launch.

Chiin Chilla Ballerina Monsters

ChiinChilla – Local Streetwear Clothing line. More video juice for their online social marketing campaign.

Bistro Burger Shanghai

Gourmet burgers in Shanghai – one of the major players in the high-end burgers selling business. The first gourmet burger restaurant I ever to when I came to Shanghai in 2011.

It was a privilege to work with everyone and I cherish every second shared. Looking forward to more breakthrough filming projects in 2016.

If you need any video produced or filming done, feel free to get in touch with me here or at

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Going that extra creative mile to compose a more creative ad for a local streetwear brand’s Shanghai themed snapback hat. The snapback motion graphic.

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Latest food photography I did for Mayita, an upscale Mexican Restaurant in Shanghai.

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Here’s what I’ve been busy developing lately. Streetvoyage:com – Get Exclusive Artist Interviews. Hot Product Insights. Streetwear Giveaways. A Chinese Street Fashion x Lifestyle Magazine in Shanghai.

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BlueCrack Series

It’s summer. It’s only right that we whip out the cameras to capture some that natural light as the sun generously splashes it’s rays.

How’d I come up this name?

For one, blue is associated with consistency and depth. It also symbolizes truth, intelligence and faith. It’s um, quite a positive color – so I like it.

This is what I’m aiming for this year – to grow my business and self more consistently.

To move forward consistently while adding more depth to both areas.

To have more character, compassion; to co-ordinate a “better me” in the future to come.

Multiply all of the above 10 times, and you get BlueCrack.

BlueCrack.  Color is your drug.

I think this is something we should all be working on : Yourself.

Eat well (Paleo Diet?). Sleep well (Get 7-8 hours!).

Take care of your body. Take care of your brain.

Do it while you still can, no matter how painful, boring, or seemingly endless the journey is.

You have nothing to lose and you always deserve better for yourself.

Hope you guys are making the best of Summer 2014! Travel, explore, meet new people!

Featuring Streetwear Items: HBA (Hood by Air) crewneck sweater, Hater Snapback and Agnes B Sweatpants.

This BlueCrack shoot will also be embedded as part of our Street Voyage street snaps campaign.

Shanghai Street Fashion | Shanghai Streetwear Scene | Streetwear Photography China


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Must Read! 5 of My Personal Beliefs that may significantly also help better your life!

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Listen Now to “Good Days” | Allurre x SAC x Silverback x Mr. Saxman | Hip Hop/Rock/Jazz Fusion Sound!

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Listen to my new single “Perfect Insanity” ! Lyrics included here. Bangkok/Shanghai Hip Hop/R&B Music

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Looking for streetwear art to hang on your walls? You’ve come to the perfect spot to get some fine collectibles!

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