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Who am I?

Thank you for being here. This site may be of interest to you if you’re a digital entrepreneur too.

I’ll be documenting my journey here, as well as – you’ll get to see fragments of my personal life shared here, where the other one is more ‘professional’.

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At the age of 17, I got a taste of the cutthroat music industry. I started as a music artist (rapper, songwriter, producer). A decade later, I’ve started my own business, which overlaps into three different niches: Digital marketing services, media, and trading.

I’m a rapper turned marketer, and I’m thankful for this transformation. Most artists know: it’s hard to make a living from making music – unless you’re Jay-z status. When the time is right, I may just return to the mic.

Music, design & marketing are three areas that keep me highly stimulated. Business has always been in my blood, marketing in my DNA. From the art & science behind search engine optimization, social marketing, copywriting, web/graphic designing, relationship management to video creation, I’ve invested probably over 15000+ hrs learning it all. Til this day, I’m still learning.

If you were to ask me what I do, my answer would be: Digital marketing, production & media, this is what I’m build for.

I’m currently founder of LUXLIVIN, MidasReach, Recquixit. I’ve had the opportunity to run my own clothing line, two online street fashion magazine, digital marketing services, and multiple thriving retail shops.

A lot of what I dreamed of achieving, has been accomplished, but I’m still dreaming.

My targets before I turn 40: To run my own specialty nightclub, launch my own fragrance line, start my own family, take care of my parents.

Many people asked me how I manage multiple ventures at once; my answer: Just do it, and you will find a way to make it work.

Diversification and adaptation is key in today’s rapidly changing era.

I don’t see competition; I simply compete with myself and work my ass off to outdo myself.

Move strategically, stay organized, explore, experiment, learn again, and re-learn where necessary. I’m a student everyday and am grateful for all that has happened.

Enough about my career. Those who’d like to know me on a more personal level: I love good times, good people, good vibes. On my downtime, I love playing a good two hour of soccer, shooting hoops, sipping latte, spotting new places, and just hey, just living!

If you’d like to know more, let’s talk: