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7 Random Things I Got To Encounter In 2013


Tons of random things have happened this year – however, here are 7 which surfaced to mind as I write this. Hope ya’ll enjoy the micro-stories as much as I did.

1. My part-time maid showering inside my bathroom. She didn’t ask for permission, was not suppose to, but decided that it must’ve been a good day to do so. No, I didn’t catch her naked – she was just about fully clothed when caught red handed.

2. A Rastafarian Dog. It’s body hair was literally braided. Every strand. Someone did it, or it had a personal hair dresser. OR, it was of genuine Jamaican descendant.

3. A drunk woman passed out by her apartment’s elevator with her push-up bra on. I believe she found the lobby floor more attractive than her bed, and that getting back to her room via the elevator was too much work. I didn’t know whether I was to wake her up or not disturb. I chose to take a picture instead.

4. A mom gently allowing her child during rush hour, inside a central metro station, to let him pee. Hey, when you have to go, you gotta go.

5. My good and usually conservatively behaved friend (“Tiki” name modified for some reasons) won a mini rampage. Here are a few things I managed to recollect in no chronological order.

  • Grabbing random girls in the club and only letting go once he realized he scared them.
  • Donating free cigarettes to strangers (in attempt to initiate a conversation)
  • Screaming “Let’s get her” in front of the girl he wanted to hit on, followed by “Come home with me” belligerently. It backfires heavily.
  • Buying Mamasang’s (female pimp) drinks and trying to seduce her when at the strip joint.
  • Toasting literally every 2-minutes, or whenever he finishes his sentence.
  • Walking into light poles – I saw it all happen and he thought he got away unnoticed.
  • Another friend of ours had to leave home early, and Tiki hugs him intimately twice, since he forgot he did it the first time.

6. Being approached by a drunk 35-year old woman in a nightclub. She told me to take care of her for the night as it was her “birthday”. For approximately 1-hour straight, she kept following me around the club, and when I’d stop to listen to what she has to say, she tells me how most Shanghai girls are no good for me. I thank her for her wisdom – and scuttle away only to find her magically appear before me a few mins later. A week later, she BUMPS into me as I was leaving a convenient store.

7. A guy asking me why my Russian friend has such a thick Russian accent.


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