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3 Surefire & Dead Easy Ways | How To Get More Creative

Why get more creative? Well, for all you guys, ladies like creative guys. For you ladies, creativity makes you more attractive. It keeps your spirit happy and thus, you’ll lead and live a much better life. So let’s get on with it – 3 surefire and dead easy ways on how to get more creative.

1. Do something different. Your comfort zone, should be outside your comfort zone.

Taking on risks should be your new comfort zone. Don’t mind the pressure, just do. By doing something differently, you expand your mind. You gain new perspective.

For example, walk into your house backwards. Learn a new dance you’ve never tried. When you see a plain wall, imagine a sketch forming. Imagine music, when the room is silent. When you’re making love with your girl, forget the bed, go for the tree house! Both of you get creative this way.

2. Stop being too serious and logical.

This happens when we get old and we try to establish “order” in our life. Be playful. Be a kid again. Dumb things down – stop trying to over-think. That’s how you get stuck like a writer’s block. When we were a kid, that’s when we were the most curious. We loved identifying unknown objects, creating new meanings. Explore uncharted territories. Make connections between things that were never thought of before. Let your thoughts run wild.

We have an abundance of creativity that goes unused, because most of us are too lazy to learn. Our lizard brain likes to feel safe and comfortable. It doesn’t want to be exerted – it wants to chill. Work it.

3. Be connected to the present moment, and do so creatively.

What’s happening now? What color is your mood? If today was a movie, what would you call it?

On the same note, slow down and soak up the things around. Take notice. When you’re outside on the streets, notice people’s movement and moods. Study the ads which you’re usually blind to. Just bought gum? Study the packaging layout.

Da Vinci himself was an architect, musician, mathematician, athlete, and botanist! He rode horses!

To recap, do something different daily. Be open to new ideas. Stop censoring. Live your life. Go hard, fire all cylinders. BAM. All the best to a more creative mind.

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