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Must Read! 5 of My Personal Beliefs that may significantly also help better your life!

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Many of you probably made resolutions, I didn’t. However, I did set some targets for 2014, and here’s the shortlist.

Complete 12 new songs minimum.
I’ve already got 3 pending for completion as I type this. 6 of those songs should have music videos. 2 of the twelve songs should go viral! Ok that’s what I hope.

Increase my productivity level by by 17x; sounds unrealistic but I’ll find a way!

Spearhead 5 new projects: Music & Entertainment industry related.

Make sure that the people working on board with me all become happier and earn more!

Pump out 100 VLOGS minimum before the year 2015.

Interact more on all my social accounts – I’ve been way too inactive last year being preoccupied with work and just living life. To start, I’ll be back actively interacting with everyone mostly on FB & IG.

Come through and say hi!

Travel travel travel. Places I’d like to visit that I haven’t: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Seoul, Dortmund.

Enjoy the World Cup. Ok this is not a goal.

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