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10 Interesting Things that Happened For Me in 2014

Interesting Sh#t That Happend This Year

Before the countdown in 4 hours, I’m here to log this entry in. Just letting my internal blogging-rush settle.  2014 was a year replete with rewarding self-growth, organization, and days where I continued to cultivate new skills.

Below are several events I can pull out of my head right now:

1. A logo I designed being valued at 100,000 RMB. It was actually sold for that amount — too bad I didn’t sign up for loyalties.

2. Received invitation to become Microsoft Executive Producer in Beijing. Can’t lie, I felt smart.

3. Finally got my Chinese-based online streetwear fashion magazine jump started. Take a look!

4. Scaled up to 7+ new e-commerce shops – 3 new niches I’m still digging my curiosity in whenever I can.

5. Set up a new video production & recording business.

6. Bought 4 new computers. I can run my own internet cafe at home.

7.  For the first time ever, my phone was stolen inside a club – one which I even considered my second home. it was a Samsung S5 – and I haven’t even used it for more than 3 weeks. The last time I was a victim of phone-theft was in high school – roughly 10+ years ago, inside a public basketball court.

That was ok, since it was the Nokia 3310 that I had to say good-bye to. Being jacked inside a club I regularly frequent with a fresh new purchase? Not cool.

On top of that, I lost my camera in ca b, and wallet in McDonald’s.

8. Puked on my bed (while asleep) from a night out of heaving drinking . My dad and brother saw it. I also woke up with a parking stamp on my neck. Was I a parking ticket that night?

9 . I quit drinking Long Island. I’m serious! That island seems like a planet away now.

10. Got back to recording and making music. 5 songs recorded & completed so far. My friend  even had Lebron James listen to it while he was practicing here in Beijing.

That’s all for now. 10 Interesting Things that Happened For Me.

I have around 40 drafts for this site which I still haven’t published – terrible I know. Will take care of this next month.

What to expect from this blog in 2015? More images, more videos, more entries.

Thank you again for being here. Leave your comments & thoughts below! Cheers and happy new years.

CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer, Entrepreneur of LUXLIVIN Co. & Midas Reach